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This sim was purchased from the Canadian company Flight Deck Solutions. Flight Deck Solutions is the industry leader in high fidelity full sized cockpit trainers.

The sim is constructed of replica and real world parts. From the shell to the interior you will feel like you’re in a real world 737NG thanks to Flight Deck Solutions.

There is nothing more satisfying then pressing toga and watching a real world throttle advance forward as we prepare for v1, Rotate V2.


Sim Specs.


Flight Deck Solutions fixed based training device with real world throttle, full size cockpit including circuit breaker walls, crew jumpseat, locking cockpit door and a custom galley section.

Audio System

The main PC audio is Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System for the main Aircraft sounds.

The client PC audio is Logitech Z313 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer. This controls various audible aircraft sounds.

Both Captain and First Officer seats have a bass shaking transducer from earthquake sounds mounted underneath for enhanced immersion like engine vibration on startup and APU starting.

The platform is fixed with 2x butt kickers lfe mini for that extra added base for sounds like speed brakes being deployed, runway imperfections, main gear touchdown, gear retraction etc.

Both flight attendant seats located in the galley have transducers mounted underneath for that extra cabin immersion.

There are two giant buttkicker LFE mounted to the flight deck which completes the immersive experience all while shaking the entire platform giving the sensation of motion.

There are 2 speakers mounted on the wall in the galley to provide extra ambient sounds.

Located on the FO side of the flight deck is the (AWM) aural warning module which is for audible alerts such as GPWS, fire alarms etc.


22O degree FOV using 12’ full wrap around projection screen for the ultimate immersion

3x Optoma short throw gaming projectors

24” wall mounted smart tv in the galley to be used as (IFE) in flight entertainment 


Prosim 737NG suite which handles the flight model

MSFS 2020

Fly Elise immersive display pro for the blending of the projectors that creates a seamless view and ultimate flying immersion

PC Specs.

There are 3 PC’s used to power the sim and 3 iPads.


2 iPads are used for performance calculations and navigational aids. I refer to 3rd wall mounted iPad as the (FAICC) flight attendant information control center. This controls most functions in the galley including ambient lighting, main galley lighting, AC/Heat and flight tracking.

Main Visual PC

i9 13900k

Z790 motherboard

64GB ram

1000-watt power supply

RTX 4090

4TB Samsung Evo 980 Pro m.2

Client PC

i9 11900k

Z590 ROG Maximus hero

32GB ram

1000-watt EVGA

RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra

2TB Samsung Evo main storage

Streaming / Dispatch PC

i9 9900k

ROG z390 motherboard

32GB ram

1300-watt power supply


4TB Samsung Evo 980 Pro m.2

Desktop PC

i9 12900k

Z690 motherboard

64GB ram

1300-watt power supply


4TB Samsung Evo 980 Pro m.2


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