World Flight Fundraiser

WorldFlight was first conceived in 2001, primarily as a means of raising awareness of and funding for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). The WorldFlight event itself is staged during the first Sunday in November each year commencing at approximately 11:00am (AEDT) finishing seven days later at approximately 8:00pm(AEDT) attracting a multitude of online pilots together with online air traffic controllers from around the world.

WorldFlight Australia, one of the founding groups of the event, has since taken on the lead role for the event, establishing the route, and other conventions used during the event.  WorldFlight consists of a core management team, with input sought from the participating teams from the different simulators. It is in every sense a collaborative effort.

Our WF Team SoCal Crew will be operating as “DAL 8317” during the WorldFlight events.

The event will be live streamed 24hrs a day for 7 consecutive days. If you’re interested in joining the team you can contact one of our World flight representatives in our discord for more information.


Meet the SoCal Crew


Owner / Founder

I’m Mark owner and founder of the Team SoCal crew. I chose to start a World Flight team because it was a way to combine two things I love, flying and giving back. It also allows for others who share this same love to come and experience a full sized cockpit, while raising money for charity.

I got into flight sim back in 2009 on the famous platform FSX. As the years passed my passion for aviation increased, as well as the demand to experience more which led me to where I am today. In July of 2020 with my wife’s blessings I pulled the trigger on a Flight Deck Solution 737DSTD, which allowed me to have a fully immersed experience flying.

Jeff Favignano

World Flight Team Member

Jeff Favignano is a content creator across various platforms. He is also a real-world PPL holder, flight sim enthusiast, and just an all-around gamer.

His passion for flight sim spans far beyond what most could imagine. He enjoys providing content for those who may be interested in aviation or just for entertainment. It’s because of this he feels it’s a great pleasure to be apart of something as special as World Flight, and being able to give to charity.


World Flight Team Member

A family man who has a love for aviation. When he’s not hanging out with the family or working, he is doing something aviation-related. Whether that is flying in MSFS, X-Plane, or helping out with the Fly With Rookie Simulator. Hadley is excited to use his love for aviation for a good cause with the SoCal World Flight Team.


World Flight Team Member

Mike is a Technology Product Manager and Private Pilot based in SoCal by way of NYC. Family and career are always first and foremost but he loves to spend time flying both out in the real world and in the sim while sharing his love for aviation with all! Mike first fell in love with aviation at a very young age, traveling frequently back and forth between NY’s JFK and the island of Jamaica with his family.


World Flight Team Member

I began using Flight Simulator X with a passion for aviation and almost no knowledge of flying or air traffic control. The people, professionalism, and experiences of Boston Virtual ARTCC and VATSIM inspired me to begin flight training. After working as a Management Consultant and flying recreationally for two years, I succumbed to my love of aviation and decided to pursue a commercial license. I now fly the Embraer 175 for a regional airline in North America.

Within the simulation community, I’m a controller on VATSIM (Boston ARTCC) and the co-founder of Flight Simulation Association.


World Flight Team Member

Hi, I am Giovanni, from Miami, FL. I decided to join the SoCal crew because it provides me with the opportunity to help out with World Flight by giving back to the community that I love so much and raising money for a great cause.

My simming journey started back in 2018 when I was introduced to FSX. At the time I didn’t really know how to fly a plane in the sim, but I made it my mission to learn and be great at it. Using resources like YouTube, I started my research about FSX and then discovered XPLANE 11. From there I went on to discover an entire flight sim community and was fortunate enough to connect with great content creators both virtually and during Flight Sim Expo 2019 in Orlando, FL. This great group of gentlemen, inspired and encouraged me to start my YouTube channel. I love planes and to be around them, so much so that before my current occupation I used to be a fueler at Miami International Airport, not to mention flight simulation has allowed me to jump in my virtual cockpit and fly anytime I want.


World Flight Team Member

I am a FlyWithRookie staff member who holds my Private Pilot License and also an Eagle Scout hence my screenname “EagleAviator”. I got into simming many years ago as a kid playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 for hours and hours while sitting on the floor of my fathers’ photography studio and recently got back into simming with the release of MSFS2020. I joined World Flight because I love the idea of donating to charity through an “Endurance” type stream, and I hope to one day create my own aviation-based charity; I also think its a great way to meet others who share my passion for helping others and flying around the world.

XP72 AKA “Kirk”

World Flight Team Member

A Jamaican who lives in Florida, he served as a flight attendant back in the day and now is a Technician. He streams just to show his passion for aviation.

RICO AKA “Leostixx86”

World Flight Team Member

Smaller of the content creators whose passion for aviation runs deep and just as big. The home airport is KDCA. For me, it began as a small child with both parents working at KIAD. I was often allowed to visit and be around the airport when I was able to go out there. It was there that I was injected with JET-A. A passion was born. I later was employed by ASIG fueling then Air-Tran and US Airways jets out of DCA. My flight sim passion started back with FS2004 and then transitioned to FSX. After struggling to run FSX on an old dell PC I went a length of time without being able to sim. Three years ago I built my first pc after watching the XP72 stream which then got me into wanting to share my passion for aviation as well. And now here I am wanting to take my passion to another level. Lady’s and Gents It is an honor to have been invited to sit among some great content creators and be a part of World Flight 2022 as we “Share Our Passion For Aviation” with you.


World Flight Team Member

Doug flew on the Original World Flight Team in London in 2001 and 2002. He served in the USAF for 24 years as an Aircrew Resource Manager and retired in the Florida Panhandle in 2008. After a 15 year break, Doug got back into VATSIM –both flying and controlling, in 2018. When he saw that FlyWithRookie had a full-cockpit simulator, he suggested forming a World Flight team. Doug leads the SoCal Crew for 2022.


World Flight Team Member

I’m just a long-time simmer and AV geek who turned his dreams of becoming an airline pilot into a reality. My simming experience goes back to Microsoft Flight Simulator 95. Flight Simulation has been not only a hobby but also a passion that led to pursuing an actual career as an airline pilot. Today I have been fortunate enough to earn the title of “Captain” at a Real World US Legacy carrier on the Boeing 737. I also hold type ratings in the A320, B757, B767 & CL65 aircraft as well as being a currently certified flight instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI). With approximately 7000 hrs of real-world time and countless hours on the sim, it’s my pleasure to be able to participate in World Flight 2022. I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to help such a charitable cause.


World Flight Team Member

My goal from the start is to share my passions with a creative edge and motivate people around the world to push themselves to not only chase their dreams but create the life they have always wanted by setting a goal and executing a plan of action. Dream Big or Live Small! Give It All You Got!


World Flight Team Member

“How do planes fly? How does it stay in the air for hours at a time?”, I wondered while quietly sitting at the window seat on a flight that seemed to last forever. These questions were enough to intrigue me and my journey in aviation began! From watching videos on YouTube to try and get my questions answered, I came across flight sim videos and discovered a whole new world. I quickly got myself P3D and started flying. The rest is history! Deep into flight simming, I decided to share my passion, and being inspired by XP72, I began streaming! Someday, I hope to become a real-world pilot and continue my passion! With World flight, I intend to inspire more people and be a part of this huge charitable cause.

Mike aka Midnight Maverick737

World Flight Team Member

I was born and raised in sunny California with passions for aviation and baseball.

I got into flight simulation with Microsoft 2000 and have been hooked ever since. In 2021, I was able to experience my first Flight Sim Expo, as well as become involved with the online community. The experience of getting to meet everyone was truely amazing and the support of the online community has been incredible. It’s also part of the reason I started my own online community, with the goal giving back like so many have before me.

I joined the world flight team because it let’s me enjoy one of my passions and give back to charity.

Anthony aka ShadoW

World Flight Team Member

I am 29 years old, been flying flight sim for almost 20 years. I have about 100 hours in a Cessna, 87 hours in the 787 sim at Boeing. I have been an International flight attendant for 8 years on the Dreamliner. I love to fly and I love to show people what the world of aviation is like, and I enjoy Long haul flying in FS.

Dan Vermette

World Flight Team Member

I am a Southern California based flight simulator enthusiast, model train builder, and film producer ready and eager to be a part of the SoCal Crew. I have been simming for over a decade mostly as a self-taught solo simmer but now I’m ready to join the team and branch out into community simming. I am a foster parent and I have two dogs. I produce Tiktoks on the side for a fictional Southern California Police Department, AGPD.

Robert “aka” Yellowbus

World Flight Team Member

Flight Simulation has been a part of my entire career with the airlines. MFS 95′ ride or die is how I wanted to live. Never could I ever imagine Flight Simulation would be the way it is currently. I owe so much of my aviation knowledge and dexterity to how advanced simulation has become. In my almost physical and literal 2 years of sitting in a chair of a cockpit I’ve often got done with a flight and said ” Man I wonder what that would look like if I would have?” To be a part of the World Flight Team is a blessing and an honor and to be amongst some of Flight Sim communities top content creators is mind blowing. My hope is to add to the already impressive job the team has done to get to this point, and inspire future aviators to keep their passion to become an aviator alive.

Dre Sanchez

World Flight Team Member

Aundrey Sanchez is an Army combat veteran with ten years of service, who is now the CEO of Nexus Energy International, a multi-faceted consulting company. During his military career, Aundrey served with the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment for four years, as an Opposing Forces soldier (OPFOR), at Fort Irwin, CA. After leaving that duty station, he relocated to Colorado Springs, CO where he served with the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, as the Legal Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Maintenance Troop, Support Squadron.

While servicing with Maintenance Troop, 3rd ACR, he deployed to Kuwait and invaded Iraq during the initial year of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Aundrey was the keynote speaker at the Veterans Returning Home National Conference, held in Washington, D.C., hosted by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Aundrey was a veterans’ advocate for over six years, as the Outreach Division Supervisor, with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and has been a member of the Board of Governors for several non-profit agencies with initiatives that serve the veteran and underserved communities.

Aundrey is also a YouTube Creator and makes non-profit videos, which
are designed to enrich our communities’ wellness. Aundrey also has been an avid flight simulation enthusiast for over 20 years and shares his passion for aviation on his dedicated Dre Sanchez YouTube channel.

In addition, to his non-profit video initiative, Aundrey also makes it a point to assist his fellow veterans and their families with Veterans Affairs Claims, by providing Veterans Benefit Seminars, some at no cost.

Aundrey earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University and is in the final stretch to receive his
Master’s in Leadership from Trident University International.

Phoenix Jay Aviation

World Flight Team Member

Phoenix Jay Aviation, formally known as CJ Hollister, is a 33 year old Flight Sim Enthusiast, Student Pilot and Aviation content creator from Los Angeles, California.

I started this journey as a flight sim content creator back in 2017. Originally like most flight school students, the desktop simulator was solely an investment to aid my flight training. In pursuant of my PPL, I began browsing
around on YT and hadn’t realized that Flight Simulation had an entire community. The likes of Catstrator, JonFly, Cpt. Canada, and Jeff Favignano. Not too much longer after discovering these guys, I found myself setting up streams on Facebook Live. Until I was comfortable enough to actually go Live on YouTube. Those days were filled with No Voice on stream, just the Sim, no cam, Long Pre-Flights and Hard Landings. Lol.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to have met so many guys across the community. I’ve built bonds and brotherhoods, and have gained extended family through the common interest of Fun, Entertaining, Desktop Flight Simulation and the entire span of Aviation. With this, I continue to strive for those goals on becoming a pilot, so stay tuned!

For all of the years my channel has been alive, it doesn’t work if I don’t have the amazing team of Moderators on the channel as well as discord. Furthermore, with out each of my subscribers who have blazed the many hours through the sky’s with me, I thank you. Without you, there is no Channel, there is no Phoenix Jay Aviation.


World Flight Team Member

I have loved aviation for as long as I can remember and started flight sim as a kid on MSFS 5.0 when my parents gave it to me as a gift. This passion turned into flight lessons, pilot certificates, and over ten years of flying as an airline pilot in the United States.

Today, I’m still flight simming and love to use this excellent generation of sims to help with proficiency and having fun. I look forward to using my lifelong passion, hobby, and professional skills for a good cause as a part of the World Flight Team.

Colin Stepney

World Flight Team Member

I’m, Colin Stepney, from Las Vegas, NV. I am a real world 737 pilot for American Airlines and a Flight Engineer on the KC-10 in the Air Force Reserves.

I have been flying on flight simulators since 1996 and a real world pilot since 2004. It is such pleasure to be part of the team, and share my passion for aviation with people around the world.

I have always looked forward to flying World Flight every year and to now say I do it with a team, makes it that much better.

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